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Coaches and consultants tend to do random acts of marketing really well, but struggle (like most small business owners) to do consistent, strategic marketing that really generates business. The Ultimate Guide to Marketing for Coaches and Consultants is dedicated to the resources you need to do it well. 

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Build a Coaching Website using the StoryBrand Framework

illustration of hands building a website.

In today’s digital age, a well-crafted website is an essential tool for coaches to reach and connect with their target audience. However, a website is more than just an online presence; it’s an opportunity to tell a compelling story that resonates with potential clients. This is where the StoryBrand Framework comes into play. In this […]

A Simple Testimonial Template to Make Collecting and Sharing Easy

5 wood blocks with stars on them illustrating a review.

Testimonials are written or spoken statements that vouch for the qualities, skills, or experiences of a person, product, service, or organization. They are often used to build trust and credibility by showcasing positive feedback from satisfied customers, clients, or users. You can and should be using a simple testimonial template to support the growth and […]

Building Your Own Business Tools

Image of tools laid out on a blue background pointing at the words "Building Your Own Business Tools"

Turning your Certifications in Pumpkin Plan, Everything DiSC, Enneagram, and Business Made Simple into A Body of Work that Reflects Your Brand You have business tools that you use when coaching others. You may even be certified in one or more of them and can provide the certification content exclusively. In some cases, you can […]

How Much of My Budget Should be Spent on Marketing?

Stacks of coins building up in a line leading to a glowing light bulb - How Much of My Budget Should be Spent on Marketing?

As a coach or consultant, you know you need marketing, and have quickly realized that the word ‘marketing’ by itself is confusing, let alone getting a straight answer on how much should be spent on marketing and where to spend it. Welcome to the thrilling world of marketing, where creativity meets strategy, and the fierce […]

Best Practices for ChatGPT Prompts for Coaches and Consultants

Chat GPT Logo in blue with the words "AI TOOLS" for Best Practices for ChatGPT Prompts for Coaches and Consultants

When new tech comes out, there are always early adopters who are fearless in experimenting and playing with the tools. They lead the way for the rest of us who want the bugs to be worked out before we invest too much time and money. Well, the newest tech for coaches and consultants is ChatGPT. […]

AI Tools for Coaches and Consultants

In the ever-evolving business landscape, AI tools for coaches and consultants have emerged as a transformative force. AI tools offer a wide array of possibilities, revolutionizing the way professionals in these fields operate, communicate, and deliver results. In this article, we will delve into the impact of AI on coaching and consulting, explore the diverse […]

How to Build a Compelling Case Study for Coaches and Consultants

In today’s competitive landscape, coaches and consultants must demonstrate their expertise and showcase their value to clients. One powerful tool that can help achieve this is a well-crafted case study. A case study allows professionals in these fields to highlight their success stories, outline their methodologies, and present tangible results. This article will explore the […]

Using and Creating Coaching Tools

At the core of effective coaching lies a wide array of coaching tools. These tools serve as guiding principles, frameworks, and techniques that facilitate the coaching process and empower clients to make meaningful changes in their lives.  In this article, we will explore the definition, importance, and characteristics of coaching resources. Additionally, we will delve […]

Consulting Report that Builds Authority and Trust

constant report

In business consulting, comprehensive and well-structured reports convey insights, recommendations, and strategies to clients. A meticulously crafted consulting report serves as a roadmap for decision-making and showcases the expertise and value that consultants bring to the table. This blog post will explore the essential elements that make up the best consulting reports and discuss how […]

Best Coaching Books

Coaching is a powerful tool for helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. Whether you’re a new coach, executive coach, life coach, sports coach, or any other kind of coach, this list of the best coaching books can help you hone your skills and become more effective in your role. Truly masterful coaching weaves your vast knowledge, learned from others, into how you guide your clients.

Coaching and Consulting Frameworks

Consulting and Coaching Frameworks for Healthy Teams

The Saturation of Coaches and Consultants Unless you are creating your own coaching and consulting frameworks, you are likely getting lost in a sea of sameness. In the past decade, hiring a personal or professional coach has become more mainstream. To the external world, it is a sign of emotional intelligence. To the internal person, it is a helpful perspective […]

Hiring a Marketing Partner

The very flexibility, problem-solving, get-it-done approach that it took to launch your business might be the thing that is holding you back from growing. Let’s face it – as entrepreneurs, we know we CAN do it all. But, that doesn’t mean we should. As we grow, we MUST carve off pieces of the work we’ve […]

Showcasing Our Work with Coaches & Consultants


Afila Group

“Casey did a great job refreshing my logo and helping me crystalize my workshop message and process. I’ll be able to serve clients more effectively.”

- Erik Beckler

The Details


Erik Beckler had established a reputation as a coach, speaker and author. His content was solid and unique.  However, it was scattered and not ready to sell as a workshop. He wanted to package it in a way that allowed him to charge more, look more polished, and attract attention.


Erik needed new company branding and a packaged workshop to sell to corporations, teams, and nonprofits. The content he was already using was repackaged to create a 1/2 day workshop that was ready to sell and easy to repeat. We also created promotional materials for him to use in creating interest.


  • New Company Logo and Style Guide
  • Workshop promotional flier
  • Workshop website landing page
  • Custom Graphics
  • Workshop Workbook
  • Workshop Powerpoint Deck
  • Branding and messaging guide

Holt Consulting

“These materials took my consulting service from drab to FAB! I’m proud to deliver proposals and finished reports to clients now. My clients feel confident that they hired the right consultant and are excited to use the advice that I provide for them.”

- Dana Holt

The Details


Dana Holt, CEO of Holt Consulting, was launching a new audit package for nonprofit organizations. However, she didn’t have any promotional materials and her audit report was lacking.


We created a powerful start-to-finish package giving Dana what she needs to sell and deliver the audit. With this collection of resources, she can easily share the value of the offering and get an easy ‘yes’ from prospects. Plus, when she delivers, they are thrilled with their final report!


  • Audit Name and Graphic to align with the brand

  • Process graphics

  • Landing Page

  • Audit report template

  • Workshop Powerpoint Deck

  • Branding and messaging guide

Focus Consulting

“I lacked clarity around how to share action plans with clients. I would give them great advice and throw around some handouts that were semi-helpful, but it felt scrappy. Casey helped me to shape the content into clear, actionable tools that I could use to serve clients. And, frankly, having them also helped me sell new clients. When they were able to see the work I was doing as highly polished, it gave me credibility.”

- Kristin Wiersma, Focus Consulting

The Details


As a new business, Kristin, CEO of Focus Consulting, had not yet developed the custom content that would set her apart from her competition. Without this, she was one of many options for a general crowd of potential clients.


We helped Kristin see the value of her unique perspective, leading to a custom Healthy Teams Framework and all the materials to promote, sell and lead a 1/2 or full-day workshop on her proprietary content!


  • Custom Framework Graphic

  • Landing page to promote the workshop

  • Workshop Workbook

  • Workshop Slide Deck

  • Interview Guide


Business Builder Camp

“Casey has a unique ability to listen, clarify, then sketch and design to see if she has captured what is in my head.  When you get solid documents it helps you believe that your ideas are meaningful and impactful for your clients.”

- Wayne Herring, BBC Owner

The Details


Wayne Herring, Owner, and CEO of Business Builder Camp, is a creative, high-energy, passionate leader, coach, and teacher. He generates new ideas like a machine but sometimes struggles to get them polished to be easily used. He has countless tools he has created and uses, but they are scattered everywhere and inconsistent.


We worked with Wayne for over three months to capture his tools, ideas, and resources and created a library of documents. This library aligns with the core areas he focuses on in his teaching, group workshops, and coaching. Now Wayne has nearly two dozen beautifully designed resources to build upon.


  • New Company Logo and Style Guide
  • Workshop promotional flier
  • Workshop website landing page
  • Custom Graphics
  • Workshop Workbook
  • Workshop Powerpoint Deck
  • Branding and messaging guide


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