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If You Want Them to Trust and Rely on You

You Have to Show Up Consistently

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Putting out consistent content is no longer just for the big companies with big budgets. If you aren't showing up consistently, you aren't doing enough.

Frankly, there are A LOT of coaches, consultants, fractionals, and speakers in the marketplace right now. And, as I'm sure you know, many of them show up with little experience and ill-suited qualifications. But, if they are presenting themselves well, they may actually be getting better traction than you - even though your knowledge, expertise, track record, and outcomes are proven.

The fact is — we don't always buy the best products, elect the best leaders, and hire the best people. We buy/elect/hire the ones that communicate the clearest and the most consistently! 

If you are delivering effective, high-quality services but have inconsistent marketing, you are missing out on opportunities for business development, partnerships and exciting collaborations that could explode your bottom line!

What Do You Need?

The level of marketing you need will depend upon the quantity/quality of business you are doing now and how fast/big you want to grow. 

To recommend ongoing marketing services, we need to know your business and goals.

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Kristin Wiersma

Owner, Focus Consulting

"I lacked clarity about how to share action plans with clients. I would give them great advice and some handouts that were semi-helpful, but it felt scrappy. Casey helped me to shape the content into clear, actionable tools that I could use to serve clients. And, frankly, having them also helped me sell new clients. When they are able to see the work I was doing as super-professional, it gave me credibility."


Erik Beckler

Owner, Afila Group

“Casey did a great job refreshing my logo and helping me crystalize my workshop message and process. I’ll be able to serve clients more effectively.”


Mick White

CEO, 100 Year Manifesto

"Casey Fuerst - she’s not quite like my sisters and not old enough to be a mother to me, but she has the qualities I hold so dear.  Radical acceptance sprinkled with a “Let’s get sh*t done” mindset."


Dana Holt

Owner, Holt Consulting

“These materials took my consulting service from drab to FAB! I’m proud to deliver proposals and finished reports to clients now. My clients feel confident that they hired the right consultant and are excited to use the advice that I provide for them.”


Michelle Kaplan

Owner, Achievement in Motion

"Tic Tac Toe Marketing is amazing! Casey and her team are consummate professionals and they get the job done. I have used Casey for two major marketing projects. I wasn’t exactly sure about what I needed, however with Casey’s years of experience and insight, the team was able to produce marketing materials that were better than I expected! Casey insists on high quality, fast turn-around and personalized products. I will never go anywhere else. Thanks so much TTT!"

Let's Get To Know Each Other


Let's Start With a Call

Before we commit to anything, we need to get to know one another better. 




Before we dive into ongoing marketing, we complete a 45-60-day strategy process. We'll audit your current marketing efforts, get a solid understanding of your competition, and create a powerful strategy that becomes our playbook for moving forward. 



Ongoing Marketing

The level of ongoing marketing you need will be driven by your goals. Once we have a solid strategy in place, we can determine how to move forward.


Starting Points for Packages & Pricing

We are NOT a cookie cutter agency. These are starting points for ongoing marketing packages. Before we propose solutions for you, we want to know more about your challenges and goals.

Proof of Life Ongoing Marketing Package

Starts at $1500 / month
  • Generally for businesses that make less than $250,000
  • Monthly Digital Content - Blog, Email, Social Posts
  • One-Hour strategy call per month

Top of Mind Marketing Package

Starts at $3500 / month
  • Generally for businesses that make more than $500,000 per year
  • Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Ongoing Strategy Leadership & Support with Internal Teams & Contractors
  • Leadership of Marketing Team and Contractors
  • Execution of Marketing Strategy


A 3-month Sample Marketing Plan

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