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Consulting Report that Builds Authority and Trust

constant report

In business consulting, comprehensive and well-structured reports convey insights, recommendations, and strategies to clients. A meticulously crafted consulting report serves as a roadmap for decision-making and showcases the expertise and value that consultants bring to the table. This blog post will explore the essential elements that make up the best consulting reports and discuss how …

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Best Coaching Books

Coaching is a powerful tool for helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. Whether you’re a new coach, executive coach, life coach, sports coach, or any other kind of coach, this list of the best coaching books can help you hone your skills and become more effective in your role. Truly masterful coaching weaves your vast knowledge, learned from others, into how you guide your clients.

Coaching and Consulting Frameworks

Consulting and Coaching Frameworks for Healthy Teams

The Saturation of Coaches and Consultants Unless you are creating your own coaching and consulting frameworks, you are likely getting lost in a sea of sameness. In the past decade, hiring a personal or professional coach has become more mainstream. To the external world, it is a sign of emotional intelligence. To the internal person, it is a helpful perspective …

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Hiring a Marketing Partner

The very flexibility, problem-solving, get-it-done approach that it took to launch your business might be the thing that is holding you back from growing. Let’s face it – as entrepreneurs, we know we CAN do it all. But, that doesn’t mean we should. As we grow, we MUST carve off pieces of the work we’ve …

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Why Getting Clear About Your Own Business is SO Hard!

The curse of knowledge sometimes prevents us from speaking simply about what we sell. As business owners, we often need an outside perspective to help us create clear, simple messaging. Imagine a scale of 1 to 10. If you’ve invented a widget, you understand that widget at a 10. You know everything about it and …

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Proprietary Content for Coaches & Consultants

How important is it that you have proprietary content for your coaching business? Having your own framework for why and how you work with clients is becoming an indication of whether you are a thought leader in your industry. More and more, as the coaching and consulting worlds become saturated, having a unique framework that …

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