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We turn your solutions into professional and branded assets!

More Than Just Graphic Design

Custom Graphics for Frameworks, Models, and Processes
Custom Graphics for Frameworks, Models, and Processes
Online Courses
Online Courses
Workbooks & Guides
Workbooks & Guides
Presentations for Workshops & Keynotes
Presentations for Workshops & Keynotes

If you just need a great design, head on over to Fiver or Upwork. We do more than that. We help you synthesize, organize, and turn the solutions you offer your clients into marketable tools. 

  • Assets you are proud to present
  • Resources you can use repeatedly
  • Templates that save you time
  • A level of polish that enables you to charge more
  • Thought leadership that gives you credibility and authority
What would it mean for your business if...

you could take what’s in your brain and produce systems and solutions that allows you to scale?

As a coach, you regularly facilitate meaningful conversations with the people you serve.  Sometimes it is in response to a challenge your client is facing. Other times, it is a deep dive into the values that drive their work and life. Regardless of the topic, your ability to guide these conversations comes from practice, repetition, and deep experience.

Your brain holds countless solutions to the challenges your clients present.

The problem is that as long as those solutions stay in your brain, they aren’t scalable. When you are the only person who knows how to guide clients, your potential is limited to what you alone can do.

What would it mean for your business if you could take what’s in your brain and produce systems and solutions that allows you to scale? Plus, by polishing those solutions into really beautiful materials, it can make your business look so much more professional and give you time and space back to nurture the pipeline and grow your client base?

We Want to Help!

In addition to learning about your company and needs, Casey will load you up with valuable advice and insight. 

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Are Your solutions worthy?

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Case Studies

Workbooks & Guides

Workbook with Custom Graphics

Client: Nicole Middendorf

Problem: Nicole is often asked to help fellow Financial Advisors level up their marketing, especially their social media. 

Solution: We created a custom graphic and full workbook with Nicole's advice to financial advisors. Now, she can sell this as a tool or use it to lead workshops. And, it's just the start - Nicole is planning to offer a whole line of these tools in the future!


Coaching Resource Kit

Client: Wayne Herring, Business Builder Camp

Problem: Wayne is a creative, high-energy, passionate leader, coach, and teacher. He generates new ideas like a machine but sometimes struggles to get them polished so that they can be easily used. He has countless tools he has created and uses, but they are scattered everywhere and inconsistent.

Solution: We worked with Wayne over a three-month period of time to capture his tools, ideas, and resources and created a library of documents. This library aligns with the core areas he focuses on in his teaching, group workshops, and coaching. Now Wayne has nearly two dozen beautifully designed resources to build upon.


Framework and Workshop Materials

Client: Focus Consulting

Problem: Focus Consulting was known for their work in creating and empowering healthy teams, but they hadn't ever captured their work in way that could be marketed and scaled.

Solution: We created a custom Healthy Teams Model graphic, full assessment and interview guide, and workbook and presentation deck. Now, they can sell this product for more and deliver it more often!

AFILa header_forweb

Branding and Workshop Materials

Client: Afila Group

Problem: CEO Erik Beckler had established a reputation as a coach, speaker, and author. His content was solid and unique.  However, it was scattered and not ready to sell as a workshop. He wanted to package it in a way that allowed him to charge more, look more polished, and attract attention.

Solution: We created new company branding and a packaged workshop that he could sell to corporations, teams, and nonprofits. The content he was already using was repackaged to create a 1/2 day workshop that was ready to sell and easy to repeat. We also created promotional materials for him to use in creating interest.


Full Leadership Toolkit Plus Online E-Commerce Platform

Client: The Conversations That Matter

Problem: CEO, Tammy Krings, is a prolific creator of powerful tools and often had requests from HR leaders to use her tools in their own context. 

Solution: We created a collection of tools, with custom graphics, powerpoint decks, workbooks and more, then put them on an online platform where Tammy could sell access to her collection. 

holt header_forweb

Audit Promotions and Report Template

Client: Holt Consulting

Problem: Holt Consulting was launching a new audit package for nonprofit organizations. However, they didn’t have any promotional materials and her audit report was lacking in appeal and readability.

Solution: We created a powerful start-to-finish package giving Holt Consulting what they need to sell and deliver the audit. With this collection of resources, they are able to easily share the value of the offering and get an easy ‘yes’ from prospects. Plus, when they deliver, they are thrilled with their final report!

We Make it Simple

Casey Fuerst, owner of Tic Tac Toe Marketing, serves coaches and consultants in a unique and powerful way. She uses her own framework to help you get what’s in your brain onto the page. With her guidance and help, you will be able to LevelUp your business in a short amount of time.

Here's how it works:



Download your brain – Casey will guide you in capturing the key components of specific tools and resources that you use repeatedly.



Casey and her team will create powerful, branded tools for you to use with clients — powerpoint decks, workbooks, activities, online courses, posters, custom graphics, etc.



With your new tools and resources, you will be able to better serve your current clients, attract more clients, and scale your business.

kristin_headshot for bc

Kristin Wiersma

Owner, Focus Consulting

"I lacked clarity about how to share action plans with clients. I would give them great advice and some handouts that were semi-helpful, but it felt scrappy. Casey helped me to shape the content into clear, actionable tools that I could use to serve clients. And, frankly, having them also helped me sell new clients. When they are able to see the work I was doing as super-professional, it gave me credibility."


Erik Beckler

Owner, Afila Group

“Casey did a great job refreshing my logo and helping me crystalize my workshop message and process. I’ll be able to serve clients more effectively.”


Mick White

CEO, 100 Year Manifesto

"Casey Fuerst - she’s not quite like my sisters and not old enough to be a mother to me, but she has the qualities I hold so dear.  Radical acceptance sprinkled with a “Let’s get sh*t done” mindset."


Dana Holt

Owner, Holt Consulting

“These materials took my consulting service from drab to FAB! I’m proud to deliver proposals and finished reports to clients now. My clients feel confident that they hired the right consultant and are excited to use the advice that I provide for them.”


Michelle Kaplan

Owner, Achievement in Motion

"Tic Tac Toe Marketing is amazing! Casey and her team are consummate professionals and they get the job done. I have used Casey for two major marketing projects. I wasn’t exactly sure about what I needed, however with Casey’s years of experience and insight, the team was able to produce marketing materials that were better than I expected! Casey insists on high quality, fast turn-around and personalized products. I will never go anywhere else. Thanks so much TTT!"


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