To Reach your BIG Goals, you need a Marketing Partner you can Trust…

And, Trusting someone with your Marketing is a BIG Deal.

Casey L. Fuerst - StoryBrand Guide, TicTacToe Marketing


If you are looking for a marketing partner who can help you reach your goals with superior messaging, targeted strategy, and the highest-quality materials, let’s talk.

I get it. As a small business owner, I don’t trust many people to communicate on behalf of my business. In order for you to trust us, we need to have a really strong sense of your core values, vision, and goals. Even then, we need to earn your trust through results. It is because of our own understanding of this, that we invest so much in our relationships with clients. Before we do any projects for you, we create a core Messaging Guide and a Marketing Strategy we can all get behind.

– Casey Fuerst

What we do

Your messaging

During this process, we help you clarify what you do and give you clear language to communicate. We also get to know your business on a deep level!


A Strategic Marketing Plan

Once we know who you are, we dive deep into your goals and the people you serve. With this information, we develop a strategy for reaching your goals.


Your Marketing Materials

Now that we know your business, we work on your behalf to create, distribute and track your marketing efforts. From design to content creation to the back-end systems, we manage it all.


Casey L. Fuerst - StoryBrand Guide, TicTacToe Marketing
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You need a marketing partner you can trust

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How are we different?

We are a small shop too, and we are selective about who we work with. We only work with clients where our work can make a real impact and where our partnership adds enormous value. Because of this, we insist on a process that allows us to get to know you, your goals and your audiences before we dive into any work we do on your behalf. 

What if we just want to do messaging or strategy work with you?

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That’s great. Messaging and strategy are critical to your success. Tic Tac Toe Marketing can absolutely work with you on your key messaging and strategy and then leave it up to you to

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What does "marketing" mean to you?

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There are a TON of different niches in marketing, so this is a great question to ask of any marketing professional you want to work with. At Tic Tac Toe Marketing, we take a holistic view of your marketing and work hard to make sure that what we do will have the best impact
possible. Individual marketing tactics and tools are only going to get you so far. A comprehensive, multi-channel marketing approach is going to get you much further!

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What does a typical client partnership look like?

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All of our clients start our work together by doing a messaging workshop. Some do this work only and are super happy with just having a facilitator help them get really clear on what they do and how they communicate it to their clients.

Others will continue their work with us. In these cases, we spend time getting a really good handle on your goals and audiences. Then, we work together to map out a marketing plan. Sometimes these plans are simple, one-objective, three-month plans, and other times they are comprehensive, organization-wide annual plans.

Finally, we work with clients to implement their plans. In these cases, we’ll work with clients to move their messaging and marketing strategies to reality through websites, social media, presentations, print materials, email, lead-generators, sales funnels, and more!

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Our Trusted Clients…

Green Lake Lutheran Ministries

“Within the first year our retreat income increased by 10% and we are already on track to exceed our goals for year two. Working with Tic Tac Toe Marketing was absolutely the right choice. Casey helped us realize true results. The good news of the work we are doing is spreading faster than we could have hoped for. As a result of her expertise, we’ve also been able to adopt new best practices for our team and our marketing efforts. Now we can continue to share our mission with purpose and direction with confidence and the results have been tremendous!”

– Travis Aufderheide, Executive Director
Green Lake Lutheran Ministries

The Conversations That Matter

“Since starting my work with Casey, we’ve brought on 16 new clients and developed 7 Social Media Campaigns which directly impacted our sales growth from 2018 to 2019 by 47%. The renewed confidence in my brand has enabled us to increase our program fees and made a significant impact to our bottom-line profitability. “I don’t believe I could have ever experienced this level of growth without Casey. She is so much more than a marketing consultant for us, she’s a trusted advisor in the full meaning and a necessary business partner.”

– Tammy Krings, CEO
The Conversations That Matter

What does your success look like when you have a GREAT marketing partner…

  • Strong strategic marketing plans
  • Clear, concise messages
  • Consistently excellent design and copy
  • Trusted advice and support
  • Technical management of software and systems
  • Tracking and regular reporting


A 3-month
Sample Marketing Plan

So you can get a sense of the type of work we do.


A 3-month Sample Marketing Plan

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