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When we started this business, we learned quickly that there are a whole lot of marketing shops offering every possible solution to any possible challenge.

The problem that we very quickly uncovered is that all of these shops with all the latest solutions weren’t providing long-term, high-quality marketing for small businesses. That means their unique solutions might have been making a splash, but not in ways that helped the client reach their goals. Experts in one widget or another, these other shops focused on fitting every client into the product or service they offer. We decided to do it differently.

Step 1 – find and dive deep into marketing solutions that are sustainable. Our CEO, Casey Fuerst, is a StoryBrand Certified Guide (one of the REALLY good ones). And, our whole team is Buyer Persona Certified. That means we have extensive, and ongoing training in creating and implementing marketing that is clear and works.

Step 2 – developing tools that create consistency and the highest quality for clients. The T3 Marketing Blueprint was a labor of love for Casey. After working with dozens and dozens of organizations to create strategic marketing plans, she fine tuned the process to make it fun and highly-impactful then published a book to share it with the world!

Step 3 – build a team to meet the client’s needs in creation, delivery and tracking of all marketing materials. Most marketing shops stop short of implementation. We take it several steps further. With our full team's talent and patience, we manage your marketing from start to finish.

We are so proud of the partnerships we have with our clients. That means taking the very best care of their businesses and earning their trust every single day!

Our Tic Tac Toe Team

Casey Fuerst
Casey Fuerst

Owner & CEO

With more than 20 years of marketing experience, Casey thrives on challenges, success and working with amazing people!

Carter copy
Carter Blend

Marketing Associate

Carter has a deep love for design and marketing strategy.

When he's not at his computer, he can be found exploring the outdoors, losing at board games, and playing guitar.

Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown


Jamie comes to Tic Tac Toe Marketing with over fifteen years of administrative experience, and a passion for helping others reach their goals.

Outside of work, Jamie enjoys painting, clay sculpting, and spending time with her family.

Jeremy Spangler

Marketing Content Creator

Jeremy comes to Tic Tac Toe Marketing as a skilled writer and designer. He works hard to create unique, impactful content for the clients we serve.

Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys being outside, hanging out with his wife and playing with his pets! Jeremy lives in Andaulsa, Alabama!

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