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Whether for a single product or service or multi-layer plan that builds on various areas of work, Tic Tac Toe Marketing creates easy-to-read and use plans that help you meet your goals.

Most organizational leaders, like yourself, spend time setting annual goals. You share those goals with your teams and everyone works hard in their own area to try to affect the outcome. Sometimes you reach those goals and sometimes you don’t. More often than not, you may not even be clear about the reasons for your success or failure. When this is true, you are making guesses as to what you should or shouldn’t do in the future. You can do so much better! Imagine what you could be doing if you had a strategic, comprehensive marketing plan. You could more consistently reach those goals and, perhaps, even make them bigger!

Our Proven Method

The T3 Marketing Blueprint® is a proven method to plan comprehensive, strategic marketing activities. It includes three stages:
1. Determining your TARGETS
2. Establishing your TEAM
3. Map your TACTICS.

Each stage will guide your organizational leadership in planning marketing activities that will help you reach your goals.

Having a T3 Marketing Plan will…

  • Increase your confidence in your ability to reach your goals
  • Give you and your teams clear direction on tactics
  • Free up time to execute tactics, rather than constantly thinking up new ideas for the next thing to try
  • Support innovating thinking
  • Relieve the stress of wondering if what you are doing is
Map Your Marketing

Interested in marketing planning? 

Step 1

Set up a call to talk through your challenges and find out if this process might be a good solution for you.

Step 2

We’ll work with your core leadership team to create your Marketing Plan – either for a specific project or goal, or for your whole organization.

Step 3

Your Marketing Plan guides your work so that you can spend your time implementing, adjusting, and celebrating when you reach your goals!

What we do

Your messaging

During this process, we help you clarify what you do and give you clear language to communicate. We also get to know your business on a deep level!


A Strategic Marketing Plan

Once we know who you are, we dive deep into your goals and the people you serve. With this information, we develop a strategy for reaching your goals.


Your Marketing Materials

Now that we know your business, we work on your behalf to create, distribute and track your marketing efforts. From design to content creation to the back-end systems, we manage it all.


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A 3-month
Sample Marketing Plan

So you can get a sense of the type of work we do.


A 3-month Sample Marketing Plan

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