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Cross Roads Ministries Summer Staff 2022

By filling out this form, you give us permission to send an announcement of your employment to your local newspaper, your hometown congregation, your parents, and your references that you used on your application. If you do not wish for any of these people to receive an announcement, don't fill out that part of the form. (Example: If you don't want a congregation to get an announcement, don't fill in the congregation name field)

If you are a recent high school graduate, please tell us the name of your high school and the college you plan to attend in the Fall.

Press Release

Can we send a press release to your hometown newspaper announcing your employment with Cross Roads?(Required)
Please tell us the name of the newspaper or online media outlet that you would like the press release to be sent to.

Parent Email

Can we send an email to your parents with a social media post for them to share?(Required)
If you would like this to be sent to more than one email, list each parent and their email on a separate line.

Congregation Announcement

Can we send an email with announcement image to your home congregation?(Required)
Where would you like the announcement for your church to be sent?


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