Why YOU Need StoryBrand...

If you know us at all, you know that we LOVE StoryBrand. In fact, it is so ingrained in our work at Tic Tac Toe Marketing that you may wonder if we are part of a multi-level marketing scheme to up-sell or get you to also sell it. We aren’t. It’s just a darn-good tool that helps us to help you communicate as clearly as possible.

In this crazy world where it requires so many points of contact to get a person to connect with your brand, clarity is EVERYTHING. There is so much junk and clutter out there. If you don’t believe me, play the ‘name what they are selling’ game. Spend an hour of your day browsing ads, billboards, and social media. With each promotion you see, quickly answer – what are they selling, why do I need it, and how do I buy it. You’ll see that most products and services are sold from an insider’s perspective – adding words and information that mean something to the seller, but add nothing for you, the consumer.

As small business owners, we can’t afford to waste time or advertising dollars on marketing that doesn’t work. There are limited resources and our communication needs to be impactful. As a small business owner myself, I feel this with every part of my being and my budget!

StoryBrand is a tool that helps us all to do better. It’s accessible for anyone that can afford the cost of buying or listening to the book (see the link below). At a higher level, there are trained guides, like myself, across the world, who can help you use this tool at an advanced level. Research has shown that this formula for communicating absolutely works. Small businesses are having incredible success, including the clients I have the honor of working with. It’s powerful and so-much-fun!

Check out this quote from Tammy Krings, CEO of The Conversations That Matter and leading Everything DiSC facilitator, “We have worked with Tic Tac Toe Marketing for more than a year now. Casey and her team are using the StoryBrand formula to create all of our communications and materials. Because of this consistent and polished communications, we had our best year yet in 2019, with big-time increases in online and personal engagements.”

So often, the difference between marketing that works and marketing that is just cluttering our world is simplicity and consistency. StoryBrand and Tic Tac Toe Marketing can help you accomplish these two things so you can also see the success that Tammy has seen!

How YOU can use this tool:

1. If reading or audiobooks are your jam, enjoy Building a StoryBrand!

2. Let's connect and talk about how we can help you create StoryBranded messages and implement them into your marketing! Tic Tac Toe – FREE consultation

3. Prepare for new and increased business that will be coming your way!

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