What's the Real Value of a Retreat Group?

Updated: Jan 3

Regardless of the type of camp you are, you were likely created to offer summer experiences for kids and/or families. It is also likely that at some point in your history leaders began to realize they had a wonderful opportunity to do more by using your sites and facilities year-round. By offering retreat space for outside groups, you could extend your mission AND have income year-round.

Over time, it's likely that your view of retreating has evolved and is now a hybrid of the original focus. Perhaps you aren't even really sure how you view this part of your mission or haven't really thought about it with your team for a while now.

This month's Camp Marketing Kit is focused on helping you think this through and develop intentional marketing efforts so that you can fill your retreat space with your ideal groups!

Let's work through the first couple of steps here:

STEP ONE: If you could increase your outside group rentals by 10% (assuming you have the space to fill and the staff time to serve them), what would the extra income enable?

If you came up with a way to use that extra income, move to question 2.

STEP TWO: In order to increase your retreat income by 10%:

2a. How many groups that came last year do you need to retain as groups this year (with equal income)?

2b. How many NEW groups/guests/overnights (use whatever measurement makes sense to you) do you need to gain to reach this goal?

STEP 3: Now, you need a plan! How will you retain old groups and find these new groups? When you subscribe to the Camp Marketing Kits, you'll get a new kit each month that guides you through a themed topic. January's kit theme is "Filling Your Retreat Space!"

January Kit includes:

• Worksheet: Goal Setting

• Ideas: Retreat Audiences and their needs

• Ideas/Education: Sales Funnels

• Worksheet: How are you Meeting and Exceeding Your Guests Expectations?

• Templates & Ideas: Social Media


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