Pictures Tell Stories!

My beautiful friend Autumn Lee is on a quest to rid the world of bad headshots and fill our newsfeeds with beautiful pictures that show everyone in their best light! It's her mission for her work as a photographer and as a person. BTW - of course she took this photo of me!

We all know the expression, "dress for the job you want, not the one you have," right? It's time we do the same for the photos we share, especially when they represent our businesses. Can we all just agree - NO MORE CRAPPY PHOTOS! If a photo doesn't inspire, delight, invite intrigue or pull out an emotion, don't use it!

As you adopt this mantra, let me give you two simple tips:

1. Hire a photographer. Whether it's headshots or photos that will feed your social media, investing in a professional makes a huge difference.

2. When you need to use stock photos (we all do occasionally), purchase them. There are lots of sites that offer quality stock images for reasonable prices. It's not that the free sites are bad, it's just that they are overused.

Autumn Lee Studios is THE BEST for all your professional and personal needs - learn more at!

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