How to Ask for MARKETING Help

Like most things in life that we need help with, asking is often the hardest step. It's awkward and clunky and sometimes you don't know how the person you asked will respond. Perhaps you'll get exactly what you need, or maybe your request will be met with an offer that just causes more problems.

Asking for help with your marketing is no different. In fact, many marketing people seem to speak in code about the work they do, making it intimidating too! The last thing you need it to be bombarded with a whole lot of jargon that makes you even more anxious.

Let me, a marketing expert, offer some language to help you start the conversation in a way that helps you get what you need. This simple three-step process should get you started in asking for help!

STEP 1: When you think you need marketing help, start by defining your problem and/or goal in the clearest terms possible. Guaranteed - if you can name the problem, you are already a big step toward finding the solution. Some examples:

• We need help setting marketing goals and aligning the right tactics to them.

• We don't know who our audience is. Or, we want to expand our audience.

• We don't have a plan.

• We have declining numbers/sales/donations and we need to turn the ship around.

• We know that we should be doing more online, but we don't know how or what we should do.

• We have a specific tool in mind that we think will help us accomplish X, but need help creating it and figuring out how it fits in with the other stuff we do.

STEP 2: Find the right marketing expert to help you. There are a lot of us out there, and marketing means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. You need to find someone who is a good fit for you.

Options to help you find the right expert:

  • Call me! 612-979-3915. If I'm not the right person, I'll be honest with you and give you a recommendation that might fit your needs.

  • I am a StoryBrand Certified Guide. That means I use a specific StoryBrand framework in communicating - for myself and my clients. There are a bunch of guides across the country that specialize in different areas of marketing. If I'm not the right guide for you, check out this resource - It is a directory of guides and there are a TON of really great marketing people here! If you aren't sure where to start, I'm happy to provide recommendations.

  • Ask your friends. Getting a referral gives you some assurance that you are going to have a good experience and get the results you hope for.

STEP 3: Listen to what they say and pay attention to how they make you feel. When you are looking to choose a marketing partner - someone who can support your work and help you accomplish your best long-term results - you need to listen for more than just solutions.

  • Do they understand your problem?

  • Do they speak in terms you understand?

  • Do they value your expertise as an industry expert?

  • Do they give you a clear path forward?

There are a lot more questions you can consider, but these get to the heart of a relationship that will last. Ultimately, you need to be assured that they appreciate, value and support the work you do in the best way possible?

As you think through your challenges, perhaps there is a marketing solution that you haven't thought of. I'd love to be a sounding board for you. I promise to listen, give you my best feedback, acknowledge when I don't know the answer, and guide you toward a solution that is best for YOU! Let's talk!

Casey Fuerst, owner

Tic Tac Toe Marketing


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