The Value of a Marketing Plan

You run with the slimmest staff possible, making the best use of every single dollar you have. You spend wisely so that your goals are met and your people are provided for. So, how in the world can I convince you that you need my services? It’s just marketing, right? I mean – surely there is a quick app or program that can make things pretty and if you hit send and post it and mail it and scream it from the mountain tops, surely the right people will get the exact message that you intend for them, right?!

I wish that were true, but it’s simply not. Good marketing is strategic and thoughtful and exciting and creative. It’s 80% planning and 20% doing. And, in the midst of that planning-heavy time, your goals are defined and the strategic path to them thought out. The design and distribution of the messages happen in the end, not the beginning. Like so many other things, when we are smart about our approach, we can accomplish higher quantity and quality returns.

Creating your marketing plan can be as exciting as you want it. You can type into a word document your list of dates, messages, and deliverables or you can use it as an excuse to come together as a team and dream and play with ideas and innovate. Your goals can come alive and your staff can take ownership of them and the path to reaching them!

With a full plan in place, you get to spend your time executing it with creativity and excitement, rather than spending your time scrambling to decide who should be on a mailing list and figuring out whether or not you have enough postage to send out the latest newsletter.

If you need help with your 2020 marketing plans, give me a call. I promise you – the process be a fun and valuable use of time and money!

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